At AVSCO Motorbike courses in Watford, Hertfordshire we undertake renewal CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) courses for those people whose CBT certificate is still valid or has expired within the last six months.

Our CBT Retake course will cover everything that needs to be done but the day will go a lot quicker for you as we try to ensure that everyone on the course is at the same level. 

Why Compulsory Basic Training?

CBT is more than just a formality.  Evidence shows that most riders on the roads are unsafe.  Recently released statistics show that although motorcycle accidents have fallen by 5% since 2016 which is good news, motorcycle riders continue to be the most vulnerable road users. And, the 9 of the 10 most dangerous roads are located in London. 

What’s more 37% of bikers involved in accidents are aged 25 and under, and 58% of the motorcycle riders occur on 50-125 cc motorcycles.

Do you need a CBT Renewal Course?

Looking at these statistics, it makes sense to re-equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to ride safely on the UK’s roads, particularly in London and the surrounding areas.

Watford is notoriously busy with traffic congestion.  All riders need their wits about them when attempting to negotiate through the traffic queues in rush hour. 

As mentioned previously, if your CBT certificate expires soon or has expired in the last 6 months, then you will need to renew your CBT certificate. 

All our motorcycle trainers are fully qualified to teach the DAS scheme and most are also Advanced trainers. 

Essential Requirements for Re-taking your CBT

We offer two options: either train on a motorcycle provided by AVSCO, or bring your own motorcycle on the day.  You will also need to bring on the day:

  • Insurance documentation for your bike
  • Valid CBT Certificate (DL196)
  • MOT Certificate (if applicable)
  • Ensure that your bike has a valid road tax
  • Ensure that your bike displays “L Plates” (not needed if you are doing Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) course)
  • Ensure that your bike is roadworthy

How to Check your Motorbike is Roadworthy

Regardless of whether your motorbike has an MOT, it should always be roadworthy.  MOT certificates are required for bikes between three and 40 years’ old. Even if your bike is less than 3 years’ old, you still need to make sure it is roadworthy.

You should look out for the following:

  • Check for any blown bulbs and replace if needed
  • Inspect the condition of your tyres. For motorcycles over 50cc, you’ll need at least 1mm of tread across ¾ of the width of the tread pattern.
  • Check the steering and suspension. If you’ve noticed any difference in the handling of the bike then get it looked at by a service workshop.
  • Test your brakes by applying the brake and then checking that the wheel moves freely after the brake is released. 
  • Check that the horn and throttle work.
  • Check the exhaust system is complete, secure and is as clean as possible.  Check for any leaks.

If all this sounds too complicated, then our service and maintenance workshop at Greater London Motorcycles will be happy to help.  Give them a call on 020 8951 0139 or book your service online.

CBT Training: how much does it cost?

The cost of completing a CBT depends on whether you use one of our motorcycles, or bring your own.  

Using a motorcycle from AVSCO: £109

To use your own motorcycle: £95

Please note: we are currently offering a 50% discount NHS and CRITICAL workers

How To Book 

You can book online or for any questions, feel free to call us on 01923 866002.

Obtaining a Full Motorcycle Licence

You can get your full motorcycle licence through AVSCO using the Direct Access Scheme. You will need a valid motorcycle theory test and a valid CBT certificate to join the course.  Find out more here