DAS tests in Watford

Are you looking for full motorcycle licence?
We conduct professional motorcycle training which is all directed towards helping you gain you Full Motorcycle Licence.

DAS Courses with Avsco

Are you looking for DAS training? Contact Avsco. We conduct professional DAS training. With our help, you can get your motorcycle licence using the Direct Access Scheme. You need a valid motorcycle theory test certificate and a CBT certificate to join our course. We train you to ride your bike safely on all types of roads.

Free rider assessments

If you have successfully completed your CBT and theory test, and you’d like to apply for a full motorbike licence using the Direct Access Scheme, contact Avsco. We provide professional DAS training.

We have courses to suit you from 2 day up to 6 days. You can take a Free Rider Assessment in which we determine which course suits you.

Module one

We have an exclusive 300 square metre site where you can train for all the mandatory exercises. On weekends you can also practise on the actual tarmac at the DVSA Test site.

Module two

We will train you to achieve a level of competence in all conditions. We help you prepare for your Mod 2, so that you have the best chance of passing the test. Your instructor will escort you to the test centre, so you are fully prepared for the 40 minute test route.

Avsco conducts training for DAS tests in Watford. For details, call us on