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Our Terms & Conditions...


Please do read and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.



Valid Driving Licence


Able to read a number plate no less than 57ft away

Strong Trousers + Footwear

Good Understanding of the Highway Code

You must have balance (to be able to ride a bicycle) as it is impossible to teach this skill.


Included in Fee for use:


Motorcycle / Scooter if required

Safety Helmet / Motorcycle Jacket if needed / Gloves + Waterproof Trousers.


5 Working Days’ notice is required to cancel / postpone a CBT*

*CBT Admin Fee - £10.00


14 Working Days’ notice is required to cancel / postpone a DAS Course*

*Full Licence DAS/A/A2 Admin Fee - £50.00




Alcohol and or drugs (Medical or Otherwise) will impair your ability so please do not take either (Except for Medical purposes) in 24 hours before or during your course.


If you are suspected of being under the influence of either alcohol or drugs, the course will be immediately cancelled with the loss of any monies paid. If you are in the middle of a multi-day course all monies paid will be forfeited.




You are covered by North London Motorcycle Training Insurance on a third party basis. No insurance is provided for personal accident injury.




DAS Course: In the event of any damage to the vehicle provided by the school, due to lack of care and attention there is a £250 payment.




At a cost of £12 a day the above excess can be waivered. (This must be arranged at the beginning of your course).




Unless otherwise advised the start time is 8.45am. Any person arriving after this time the fee for the day will be forfeited.




To treat you with courtesy and respect

To provide training services that meet your needs

To be honest and open, take responsibility for your training and ensure you get the right advice and information

To ensure all communication with us is clear and helpful

If your CBT training is not completed within the day an additional fee will be required for a second visit which must be taken within 14 days of the original CBT attendance.