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A legal requirement for all provisional motorcycle license holders, your CBT will ensure that you fully understand the basics of motorcycle riding. CBTs follow a Driving Standards Agency course where you will be taught by approved instructors. The course is specifically laid out to take you from being a complete novice to a competent learner motorcyclist in the space of one day.

So you think it's time to move on from your 125cc. Not interested in geared bikes, then a full A2 licence could be the way forward. With a full category A2 auto licence your scooter range will open up dramatically allowing you to ride any scooters with a power output no greater than 35 KW (46.6 BHP) which typically means a 500cc engine.

Training of the DAS Course allows you to take the driving Standars Agency (DSA) motorcycle test. You must have a valid Motorcycle Theory Test certificate and a valid CBT certificate prior to joining this two part module course, The purpose of these modules is to demonstrate that you can handle a bike safely and competently on the open road.

"Had a brilliant time. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Instructors where wicked and very thorough"

CBT, Cluct Conversion Courses & A1 Cat

Direct Access Scheme (Cat A2)

Direct Access Scheme (Cat A/Cat A2)

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